Indoor Flea Control

Indoor flea control can be very frustrating for pet owners.  Flea infestations are not usually seen until the population has exceeded the capacity of what your pets are able to absorb.  Fleas also generally do not prefer people.  This means the typical flea only remains on a person for a very short time period, and then jumps off before being noticed.  The opposite is true for fleas on a dog or fleas on a cat.  While a pet might be like a 5-star vacation resort to a flea, most fleas are still very hard to see on the pet.  This allows the flea infestation to spread throughout the home before the pet owner is aware of the problem.

Once the pet owner has moved beyond the “denial stage” regarding the fact that the home is infested with fleas, the process of making an informed decision on how to control fleas in the home can begin in earnest.

The first thing to understand is the flea life cycle.  You can read about it here.  Please read about the flea life cycle first and then return to this page.

The most important thing to know about fleas is that no insecticide will control the pupa stage.  People frequently purchase flea bombs and flea sprays from the store after reading on the product label that the insecticide will kill “eggs, larvae, and adults.”  The person thinks, “Great, this will kill all THREE stages of the flea’s life cycle.”  Ooops…they forget to tell you about the pupa that their product won’t kill.  Consumers are also seldom told to reasonably expect a minimum of several weeks of residual flea activity until all of the flea pupa have emerged as adult fleas.  What this means is that RESIDUAL rather than toxicity is the key to controlling a flea infestation.  If you have previously used a product that is a regular chemical insecticide then I would not anticipate sufficient residual to provide 100% flea removal.

Fleabuster Flea Powder is able to provide the necessary residual because the statically charged particles are able to resist being vacuumed from carpets and rugs, providing a longterm residual of protection even after the initial flea removal has taken place.  Pets frequenting outdoor areas are naturally going to be exposed to future fleas, no matter what  you try.  The ability of Fleabuster Flea Powder to continue working as a preventative to protect the inside of your home from future fleas adds a secondary value that is difficult for any other product to match.

Fleabuster Flea Powder is less toxic than table salt, odorless, and invisible to insects due to its neutral pH.  This gives it an advantage over pure boric acid products.  Please do not fall in to the trap that all borate products are the same.  Please visit our Boric Acid Flea Control page to learn the difference between straight boric acid, Borax, and Fleabuster Flea Powder.  There is a tremendous difference between the products.

We suggest treating 100% of carpeted rooms, and area rugs with Fleabuster Flea Powder.  Treat one room at a time and remove any visible powder with the wand of the vacuum after you have finished working the powder in with a broom.  Children and pets can return to the room IMMEDIATELY following application of the product, and adults can obviously remain in the room during treatment.  We suggest dust sensitive individuals(asthma, COPD, other respiratory ailments) take appropriate precautions, such as either using a dust mask or not being present during treatment.  This is not an EPA requirement, but rather a common sense suggestion that should be easily understood by susceptible individuals.

Application instructions are easy to follow.  Once application is complete, continue following the 6 week vacuuming protocol even if you believe your flea problem has resolved sooner.

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